[IX 2005]

Information on "The Last Signal" has been updated.

[VII 2005]

The "full version" of "All Means Come to an End" is posted on the site as an MP3 file; work has recommenced...

[II 2005]

For my 24th birthday, a friend gives me a few self-made "Bollwerk 81" pins, so now the first inofficial merchandise item exists!

[XII 2004]

Bollwerk 81 is featured on the sampler/project "Matt Frantz presents... The Last Signal" (released by Independent Opposition) with a one-minute version of "All Means Come to an End".

[XI 2004]

After a longer break, Bollwerk 81 is active again. "Al to Late" and "Zwischen den Welten" begin to take shape; the first pictures are uploaded...

[VI 2004]

Bollwerk81.de is officially on-line. "FVrNVS" is completed. The first MP3s are made available: "All Means Come to an End" as well as a short sample from "FVrNVS".

[V 2004]

A slightly longer version of "All Means Come to an End" is assembled; "Zwischen den Welten" and another piece, untitled as of now, are conceptualized.

[II 2004]

"FVrNVS" and "United in Rebellion" are further developed.

[I 2004]

The concept of a first "demo album" takes shape mentally. (No spoilers!) An "opener" is conceptualized, mixed and partially discarded again.

[XII 2003]

I hear of the project "The Last Signal" (an American sampler with short pieces about the end of the world) and instantly feel inspired to conceive, record and send in the one-minute piece "All Means Come to an End".

[X 2003]

During fall break I sit at my - by now, my own - computer and use excerpts from video games to put together a piece made that probably will never be used in any way, mainly for copyright reasons.

Elements of "United in Rebellion" are recorded; "FVrNVS" and "Al To Late" are mentally conceived.

I mix together a little "audio book" for the on-line invitation to our Innenseiten New Year's Eve party...

[VI 2001]

I work as a "Postzivi" in Krelingen, and there I have "my" first PC (for work only). One day as I'm bored, I use all sorts of sound files to assemble a strange 24 second piece that I call "[blur of] deception". The first step has been taken.