Welcome to Bollwerk81.de.

Like Proteus, this site is beginning to take shapes that promise to dissolve and blend into new ones sooner or later...

A salute to transience...

The experimental lo-fi industrial project Bollwerk 81 saw the day of its birth with the release of the innovative compilation "The Last Signal". From what can be stated so far, it seems that its artistic aim will be to re-interpret basic concepts and struggles regarding the life and death of humankind by means of an experimental and amateur type of music that might draw its general influences from "old-school" industrial, ambient, and noise sounds, as well as minimalist soundscapes.

[last update: 02 V 2007]
Links to the Myspace site have been added.
The project is currently paused.

Bollwerk 81 - One and a Half Minutes of Noise Since 2003!