[All Means Come to an End]


"All Means Come to an End" (full version) [1:29 min]

"All Means Come to an End" ("Last Signal" version) [1:00 min]


The one-minute (or one-and-a-half-minute, respectively) piece "All Means Come to an End" is meant to express the idea that the end of the world could come quickly and unpredictably, and that a human being who is (by chance) alive at that point of time could feel overcharged with the responsibility of "carrying the legacy of the human race" into eternity... Furthermore, the idea of an individual passing into eternity at the end of time is vaguely imagined as an event of complete disclosure.


lyrics: P. Maiwald | languages: Modern English, Classical Latin

[after the end of this world ... nothing will remain - except for infinity.]

you knew it. you always have. it's all too logical. there will be a time when all means come to an end.

can this be it? who are you to bear the weighty legacy of the human race into the gates of the next kingdom? this is it. you have been chosen to pass through the gate. it's all been prepared. the stage has been set while you were getting groceries. now it's time to close this bloody chapter and face your destiny. has it been predictable? perhaps we shall never know. but one thing is certain. the treasures you've hidden must someday be found. a bird that is falling will soon hit the ground.

"...nam statuit genitor rerum irrevocabile tempus..." [*]

[after the end of this world ... nothing will remain hidden - accept infinity.]

[*] quotation from a poem by Juvencus [language: Classical Latin; translation: "...for the creator of all things has appointed an unchangeable moment..."]

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